My Story

I am Raymond G.

— Amadeo Pietro Giannini Once Said “Serving the needs of others is the only legitimate business today.”

Here Is Part Of My Story To Serve The Needs Of Others…

My father passed away from (Non Hodgkin Lymphoma) NHL which is a type of cancer that attacks the Lymph nodes. For those who do not know, It is cancer of the immune system that develops from abnormal lymphocytes. This causes painless swollen lymph nodes in the neck, chest pain, abdominal pain, tiredness, night sweats, weight loss and fever.

My Father, being bed ridden with emotional/physical changes put a heavy toll on myself and family.

I became a caregiver very quickly. This process, involving the ups and downs of NHL was not an easy matter. Screams from my father at night due to the pain. A catheter to help with urinary excretion. Him being strong yet not eating. Irritable yet not kind all the time. Nurses coming into the house preparing him for hospice… The Perspective Of A Caregiver…The Son Caring For Father.

Although, there were some good moments where my father and I became closer than ever… He said to me never stop helping people. Never stop sharing Financial EDU. The Culture Needs Generational Wealth…

When he graduated from this earth their was a flash of light in the house literally. His spirit transitioned…
In that moment I grew. He lives in me and through me.

Dad and Son Ray L Moore Raymond G Moore
Dad and Mom at CNN during Honda Battle Of The bands
raymond holding his degree after university graduation

Few weeks later,
When my Fathers hospital bill arrived at our house it was about $300,000 dollars. Thankfully my Father was covered 100%. His previous planning was a blessing. We did not pay dime out of our pockets for that bill. With his passing Legacy the Money we received was Tax Free Income from the L.A.S.E.R Fund.

Right Then, I found my deeper purpose and vocation in life.

My aim is to help others plan accordingly so they can achieve a similar position where if such an emergency life event happens one does not have to go to Go-Fund me or the Church to raise money for this type of Bill.

My father left a Tax Free Legacy where we were able to take care of our bills for a year or two. I want others to achieve that level of empowerment too.

I Am A Financial Education L.A.S.E.R ( Liquid Assets Safely Earning Returns) Fund Specialist Who Focuses On Helping Families and Business Owners Achieve Tax Free Income, Literally.

I endeavor to have people “Vest The Best” In themselves to control, build, and sustain financial health and literacy in four areas:

1) Personal Finances
2) Entrepreneurship & education
3) Bringing Your Tax Exposed Income To A Tax Free Future!
4) Earning Income Daily Monday To Sunday Literally

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