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Max Gets It! is the narrative of exuberant 10-year old Maximillion, who wants the latest video game. His parents start giving him an allowance for doing extra chores, with the understanding that he can decide what to do with his income.

Max goes through the cycle of earning, impulse spending, and being filled with buyer’s remorse when he wastes his earnings.

His parents show him how to budget and Max makes his own financial plan that results in his buying the video game for himself, giving money to charity, and starting a bank account.

Financially, Max Gets It!

The book is fun and easy to read, and charming illustrations by William Graft will connect readers of all ages to the child within.

The “Can I Have Some Money?” book series is available in softcover and ebook formats. Money workshops, speakers and professional development are also available from Sparks Fly.

WHO’S Going to Invent That? You?

Pojanee’s journey to becoming an inventor has been filled with twists and turns. Her optimism was overshadowed by her lack of confidence. Bringing herself to the point where she could actually embody her true calling was tested when she met Kendra. 

The two ladies encountered a situation that led Pojanee to think of a possible new invention. She asked Kendra if she liked the idea, to which she responded, “Who’s going to invent that, you?” It was a poignant moment that spoke to the challenges faced by those who dare to think outside the box.

In her memoir, Pojanee details a tumultuous internal struggle to achieve the powerful self-confidence needed to attain success. She overcomes the odds and achieves patent-pending status during the pandemic. The book provides key insights for aspiring inventors and creators. She believes, “true innovation can weather any storm.” 

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